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Lines of Detailing by Dee

It's bound to happen...

Groovy lines

You and your car go everywhere and anywhere you go, there are things just waiting to - 



Cover your car - 

That a car wash simply can not remove!


Or, maybe you finished your road trip and have brought back more than just souvenirs!



Stains on the inside - 

That if left to sit will be hard to remove!


That's when you give Detailing by Dee a call!  You can decide whether you want a full detail or, just an interior or exterior detail. 

All vehicles are visually inspected with you before any work is started.

Please note: each vehicle's care is unique and application times may vary. 



Our MOBILE VAN Services

Our new mobile van
Ready to Clean at your location
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  • Hand Car Wash

  • Rims & Tires Washed

  • Hand Dry


  • Vacuum of seats, carpet and floor mats - Trunks included

  • Wipe of dashboard and center console

  • Interior windows cleaned


Perfect for those who have limited time or vehicle needs a quick refresh.

  • Cars- $159

  • SUV/ Crossovers - $179

  • Trucks - $189


  • Hand Car Wash

  • Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells Washed & Dressed

  • UV Hand Wax Applied

  • Door Jambs Cleaned & Waxed

  • Exterior Windows Cleaned

  • Hand dry


  • Vacuum of seats, carpets, floor mats

  • Power-Brush Clean Seats and Carpets

  • Dashboard, center console and door panels wiped

  • Interior Windows Cleaned 


  • Cars - $279 

  • SUV/Crossovers - $299 

  • Trucks - $319 


  • Hand Car Wash

  • Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells Washed & Dressed

  • 3 Month Exterior Ceramic Spray Applied

  • Door Jambs Cleaned & Waxed

  • Exterior Windows Cleaned

  • Hand dry


  • Entire Cabin Interior Vacuumed - Under Seats, Along Console & Door Compartments

  • Shampoo Seats & Carpets

  • Shampoo / Clean Floor Mats 

  • Steam Clean Seat Belts, Vents and High Touch Areas

  • Dashboard, Center Console, Door Panels & Vents Detailed with UV Protectant Applied 

  • Interior Windows Cleaned

  • Leather Seats Cleaned & UV Leather Conditioner Applied 

  • Cars -$319 

  • SUV/Crossovers- $339 

  • Trucks - $349 

clean tire
clean tire
clean tire
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Drop-Off Packages

quick clean
cleaning sprays
bucket of suds

Exteriors: Gentle hand wash to remove surface grit & dirt.  Next step is to buff out minor surface scratches and paint imperfections followed by a quality UV wax* designed to protect your vehicles paint. 

Wheels are cleaned and tires dressed.


Interiors: All trim will be carefully cleaned with our interior-safe cleansers.  Seats and carpet are lightly shampooed and steam-cleaned to remove the toughest stains, yet not soaking them through.  This is followed by treating all freshly cleaned vinyl, plastic / leather trim.  

Leather seats treated with a premium leather conditioner.

All windows, door jams, and wheel wells are cleaned. Trunk is vacuumed.

* Ceramic coat options available for additional charge.



Great quality deep clean of the interior, carpet and fabric seats shampoo and steam cleaned, with attention paid to any trouble areas. Vinyl and plastic trim cleaned and dressed with a UV protectant. Leather seats and trim conditioned with a high quality UV rich leather sealer.



The exterior detail consists of hand wash to remove dirt and grit, machine polish followed by a UV wax, exterior windows,  rims cleaned and tires dressed. If multiple scratches, or heavy paint correction needed,  price to be evaluated upon visible inspection. Ceramic coat can be installed instead of wax at an additional charge.


lines of Dee

Additional Services

headlight badge
paint correction
ceramic coating

We use a state of the art high-performance restoration product that lasts years - not months like our competitors. Our everyday price means you don't have to pre-purchase or find an online deal. Most restorations take 3 hours. Call and schedule your lights! 


Choose either our one step or two step correction process.   We will examine  the paint and consult with you in-person to determine the best level of service. ​


Not just for New Cars! Give your vehicle a candy apple shine with a level of protection unlike wax. Ceramic coating covers your paint with a durable unseen finish that protects against UV damage, bird residue or bug-hits from etching into your vehicle's clear coat. Hydrophobic properties help keep your car looking clean longer. Four different price options to fit your budget. Quality install by a Certified professional. 1 year option, 3 year option, 5 year  option and the permanant coating Borophene.    Borophene coatings will be registered with CarFax

Dee's lines

Drop-Off Pricing Examples:

  • $300 - Small to midsize sedans/hatchbacks: Ex. Civic, Camry, Focus

  • $335.00 - Midsize SUV/Crossovers/large sedans:  Ex. Santa Fe. Rav4, Equinox, Tiguan, Forester, A Outback, Wranglers, FJ Cruiser, XTerra, small pickups

  • $355.00 - Large SUV** / Minivan / crossovers with 3rd row seating: Ex. Mazda CX9, Caravan, Odyssey, Sorento **Large SUV without 3rd row

  • $355.00 - Full size Trucks / vehicles: Ex. F150, Ram,Tundra -  beds hosed out unless covered or sealed, or full of owner belongings

  • $375.00 - Escalade, Suburban, Expedition, Tahoe

Please note:

  • ​If your vehicle has a high amount of mud, or dirt, or requires tar, road paint / paint overspray, tree sap removal, or removal of any unusual exterior surface contaminant, an additional reasonable charge will be added.  Rates range between $85-$135 depending on condition.

  • If dog / pet hair or excessive soil (ground in dirt / food, sticky drinks, melted crayons, etc.) is above normal wear and tear, an additional reasonable charge will be added. Rates range between $85-$135 depending on condition.  Full headliners are an additional charge. 

  • Please call to get an estimate for your exact vehicle or for any questions or about special requests or services that are not listed. 

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