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  • Dee Wojcik

So, what is a Detailer?

Many people claim to detail cars, but what does that mean? I see posts on social media about the local person who can "detail" your whole car for $75.00! And people happily hand that over and give their car to a total stranger who is armed with a vacuum and some nice smelly chemicals that are brightly colored. Don't get me wrong, I understand that sometimes budgets do not allow for more money to be spent, but, your car deserves better. Whether your car is older, new, car loan, or paid in full, check out the person doing the work. Cars today have so many electronics, softer plastics, less durable paint and numerous materials that someone who is inexperienced, albeit ambitious, can cause the vehicle owner way more damage that can ultimately cost more than $75! Detailing, a true detail covers way more than just a wipe,vac and a quick wash. Flashy websites that have businesses doing a multitude of services can also cause just as big of a headache as well. Do your research before you hand your keys to someone who may not have the expertise to take care of your vehicle properly. As an IDA Skills Validated-Certified Detailer, I would be happy to answer your questions!


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