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  • Dee Wojcik

The IDA who?

So my last post mentioned the IDA, skills validated, certified detailer. But honestly, what does that all mean, and why should a consumer care? The International Detailing Association was created by Detailers for Detailers and the community for which they serve. Directly from the IDA website, "IDA membership demonstrates your commitment to excellence in your business and the improvement of the professional detailing industry" There is more to it, but you get the gist. It's an ideal way to try and standardize an industry that has become highly saturated with multiple detailing shops/people. I have been a member of the IDA since 2021. After doing research, and looking into why pay dues, take some tests to prove I have the experience, it all made sense. By becoming a member, passing multiple written tests, going to an all day class to validate my knowledge in all areas of detailing, it gives my clients a satisfaction that when they hand over the keys, they are truly receiving the best care possible. Members have to maintain a certain amount of hours in continuing education, we have access to professionals who have seen and done just about everything. Validating the detailing world is important to me. Just like those in the medical, food and various other industries that are required to maintain and continue to increase their knowledge, the detailing world should have that level of responsibility. With the price of vehicles rising to extreme high costs while cutting back on the durability of what the car is assembled with, it makes sense to choose a shop that cares about you, your vehicle and the best way to care for your car, van, SUV or truck. Dee Wojcik- Certified Detailer- Skills Validated


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